• Custom Bed Linen for Luxury Yachts and Boats

    Lisa Galimberti arrays the beds of some of the most prestigious houses on the planet. From standard sizes to tailor-made requests, you can find our beddings on yachts and boats on all oceans. So that our guests can sleep on-board  yachts in sheets as soft and comfortable as those our clients have at home. All …

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  • Maison Actuelle

    Lisa Galimberti on “Maison Actuelle” – the French Interior Design magazine.

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  • Fine Linen Care Instructions

    Our luxury bed sets have been made with love, treat them with care ! Lisa Galimberti gives you all the best tips to take good care of your fine bed linen.

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  • Luxury bed linen: a beautiful gift idea for Christmas

    This year, why not surprise your loved ones with an original and very soft Christmas gift. Discover luxury bedding by Lisa Galimberti for the perfect present this festive season. Lisa Galimberti creates both traditional and modern bed linen, that will perfectly warm the hearts and the nights of those who are dear to you.

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  • Everything you need to know about Egyptian Cotton

    The Egyptian combed cotton is considered to be the highest quality cotton worldwide. This unique quality is due to the length and the fineness of its fibres that extends well beyond the other varieties of cotton. The cotton quality is reinforced by the combing technique that straightens, refines and fortifies the threads. This variety of …

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    Lisa Galimberti for Sun Motoyama on a Japanese Interior & Design magazine.

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